Million Dollar Product Designer

Hi, my name is Charles.

I started designing back in 2020. I knew nothing about design skills or what it meant to be a designer. I had $0 in revenue.

One year later, I got my first opportunity as a product designer. I was making as much as someone at a full-time job.

As a self-taught designer, I used to suffer a lot from imposter syndrome. I always felt like something was missing, that I could never be good enough, and that people would find out.

Two years later, I was making more in a month than I would have made in a year at a traditional job, thanks to one thing — skill stacking.

During this time, I was making more money than I ever thought possible because I was able to stack multiple skills, fast.

Now, I want to teach you in this mini-course how to become a world-class product designer and make $5,000/month (or more), working from anywhere in the world, by stacking those valuable skills, and without making the same mistakes I made along the way.

I genuinely believe the lessons shared here will give you the tools needed to close more deals, earn $5,000/month, and turn you into a product designer so good clients won’t want to switch for anyone else.

Becoming a world-class product designer is about stacking skills. Knowing that completely changed my life, and it can change yours too.



Million Dollar

Product Design

Get Started

How I got where I am, and how you can do the same. Get an overview of what's coming with the course and with your success.

Problem & Definition

Understand and define who you want to become and what you want to achieve as a product designer.

Design Mastery

What it takes to master design as a product designer. What are the skills needed to thrive, and what it takes to get good.

Skills Stacking Mastery Pt 1

Learn the fundamental skills that will make you a better product designer, and that will make your clients love you.

Skills Stacking Mastery Pt 2

Next-level skills to outperform as a product designer, grow your revenues, and convert more leads.

Design More & Better

The moment you stop growing is the moment you start dying. Learn what it takes to keep getting better.

Finding Clients Pt 1

Don't become the best-kept secret. Learn the best ways I found to attract new clients that you will love working with.

Finding Clients Pt 2 (Coming Soon)

Fresh strategies to help you build long-term relationships, create a personal brand, and develop trust with future clients.

$0 to $100k/month Roadmap (Coming Soon)

My entire growth strategy roadmap to reach $100k/month and how you can do the same as a product designer.

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Get the course

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